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Ideation & Branding

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Copy & Wireframes

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High-Fi Mockups

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Development & Launch
A VERY technical field translated into a digital experience.

Some of our favorite website projects have been when we’ve had the opportunity to dive into an extremely technical field and imagine how to translate that into a digital experience.

1st Class Dental Assistant Academy provided that technical challenge. First Class Dental Assistant Academy is an educational institution that provides students with everything they need to be successful in dental assisting. Instructors who are passionate and knowledgeable teach our curriculum.

We're experts in translating complex technical information into an easy-to-understand message.

The WebAddo team answered on all fronts. Our copywriting team aligned the technical details of the dental assistant training program to a unified message throughout the site. Our design team channeled that messaging into the building of a custom course experience that complimented the training facility of 1st Class Dental Assistant Academy. 

We utilized testimonials from past course graduates to assure site visitors that 1st Class Dental Assistant Academy will prepare anyone looking to scale up their employment as a dental professional or just starting on their career path!

We're always expanding our delivery capabilities and learning new things.

This project was a delightful collaborative effort between 1st Class Dental Assistant Academy and the WebAddo Team. 

While we're arbiters of best practices for the web, we're always up for expanding our delivery. Let's just say we’ll be thinking about course pages a little bit differently after this project. 

Way to go 1st Class Dental Assistant Academy!

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Case Review

WebAddo was tasked with creating a website for 1st Class Dental Assistant Academy, an educational institution that provides students with everything they need to be successful in dental assisting.

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Excellent dental training facility, but the website was not doing it justice. The design was outdated, the copy was dry, and the layout was confusing.


Dental Industry

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  • Web Content Writing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Wire-framing
  • Website Design
  • Digital Course Development

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