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CMA Financial Services: A Brand Rejuvenation Through Web Design

If you're a small business owner, you know how important it is to have a great website to showcase your product and services. That's why CMA Financial Services came to us at WebAddo. They wanted to take their brand to the next level with a new website highlighting their full-service, white-glove financial expertise. The goal was to create an online presence that allowed them to showcase their comprehensive financial services, including financial planning, money management, estate planning, insurance, tax preparation, and tax planning.

A modern, user-friendly website design that puts the focus on their customers.

We took what CMA Financial Services had and ran with it. Our designer created a new design concept that focused on the people behind their services instead of just the services themselves. This allowed potential customers to connect with the company on a more personal level and understand what kind of care and attention they would receive from CMA Financial Services if they chose them for their business needs.

Our copywriting team also helped expand on how CMA Financial Services talked about their services so that potential customers could find exactly what they were looking for quickly and easily. This included creating new content for each service page that highlighted all of the unique features of each offering in detail. We had to ensure that these pages were optimized for search engines so that users could find CMA Financial Services quickly when searching online.

Expanded copywriting that showcases their comprehensive financial services.

Finally, we implemented various marketing tools such as email campaigns and social media ads so that customers knew where to turn when they wanted top-notch financial advice. Combined with our web design, these additional elements enabled CMA Financial Services to build an effective digital presence with greater visibility than ever before.

Elevated brand presence with modern web design

In the end, our team managed to give CMA Financial Services an exciting new look along with a website that will serve as the foundation of their digital marketing efforts in the future. With its comprehensive range of financial services now showcased in an attractive package online, this brand rejuvenation project will pay dividends in terms of increased customer engagement and sales conversion rates down the line!

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Case Review

Showcase your team's expertise with a revamped website design that focuses on the people behind your services.

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Needed a website with clear and concise explanations of financial services, products, and terminology.


Finance and Insurance Industry

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  • Web Content Writing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Wire-framing
  • Website Design

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